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Edwin Giles
Posted almost 3 years ago
The end of university?
This is not the end of the university, but a new phase in its evolution. What is really going to be interesting is what happens to courses as they are created for use in the online venues. Some will be used to create revenues through grants, tuition or other industry support. But what happens to the older courses or the courses that were developed conscientious educators, who didn't know how to market them effectively? The answer is that they will be offered for free in more and more locations. As these free venues proliferate hod do they compete for the eyeballs? Offering greater and greater utility for the user, in the form of ease of use, accessiblity, snob appeal, or quality of presentation. I suggest the quality of presentation offers the most interesting factor in the race to the marketplace. Ultimately,the very best instructors will come to the forefront in their fields. Over the course of the next 10 years we are going to make rockstars out of the best teachers and instructional designers.