Donald Jakel

Business Manager, Grand Rapids Public Library
Grand Rapids, MI, United States

About Donald


Mr. Jakel has had several careers a CPA, a Chief Financial Officer, and entrepreneur. He is presently Business Manager of the Grand Rapids Public Library System. He volunteers as a Director of Tea Party of West Michigan. He is also a member/volunteer of the Grand Rapids Lions Club.



Areas of Expertise

Finance , Economic Analysis , Grassroots Activism

An idea worth spreading

The United States Constitution, as Amended, is the basis for the rule of law on which the United States of America was founded. It is the longest running founding document in the world today. Yet, it has been so liberally interpreted in the past 77 years, that we have lost much of our liberty.

A just government derives its power from the consent of the governed. The purpose of government is to secure our fundamental natural rights so that we may enjoy the maximum individual liberty. Government should only intervene when one citizen is interfering with the rights of another, but should not attempt to protect us from ourselves or take from one group to give to another.

I will use my knowledge and ability to promote the concepts of limited government, free enterprise and individual freedom and responsibility.

I'm passionate about

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Talk to me about

Free markets and how they help create the most productive economies.

My TED story

I became an organizer when our executive team decided to have a TEDx event as our in-service staff day at our library. We thought we could enlighten, entertain and discuss ideas worth spreading. We found a wide diversity of live speakers from our own local talent pool. By the time we received our TEDx license, we had only about two months to prepare. Despite the limited time, we had a very exciting and well received event.

Our audience survey came back with ratings mostly good to brilliant and 61 of 64 respondents said they would attend another TED or TEDx event.