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Kevin Doyle
Posted almost 3 years ago
Happening Now: Live Q&A with TED Books Author Daniel Grossman on "Deep Water" and the Science of Rising Sea Levels
Just finished reading/listening/viewing on Kindle for Mac. Hadn't heard about TED Books before this. Pretty good deal. Although naturally interested in the climate change information, found myself at least as drawn to the stories of the scientists and to the process of environmental science itself. Given the grave nature of the subject, hope it's ok to say that this book sure makes science look an adventure - and even fun. Should have studied harder in college! Would love to discuss how much these scientists feel tension between a desire to be left alone to just "do science", and the sense of responsibility that must come with contemplating the results of their research. Also, how (or whether) they draw lines between "what I know from the details of my research" and all the rest of the climate change discussion. Going back for a second read.