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Beta Wang
Posted almost 2 years ago
Do you support unrestricted Immigration?
Yes, and the front point is, countries don't exist anymore. With countries, people have different laws, morals, tax and benefit systems, religious tendency. If it's the reason for free immigration, the result will leave some culture gap between countries bigger and bigger, rich countries will lost their attraction by changing benefit plan because so many people unable to work will pour into those countries. For countries with wars for decades, for countries where poor people won't get any support from their government, for countries with rich resources being seized by other powerful countries, for countries with people get slaughtered for no reason, for countries with low education level plus poor environment and high birth rate, does free immigration change any of this? But, how can we live peace without country? First, religious, how people can be satisfied with the religious situation around them? If anybody can solve this problem, I agree it's worth more than ten times Noble Peace Price.