Jinha Lee

Engineer / Designer, Samsung Electronics
Seoul, South Korea

About Jinha


Jinha Lee is an interaction designer and researcher working at the boundary of physical and digital world, and at the intersection of technology and art. He is currently on leave from his Ph.D. studies at MIT Media Lab's Tangible Media Group, and is working on next generation interfaces at Samsung Electronics as an alternative service for his national military duty. His recent inventions include SpaceTop, the first gesture-controlled 3D desktop computer , a pen that can penetrate into the screen, an augmented online fitting room and Levitating interface. Jinha envisions a future where physical reality can be programmable to the extent that bits and atoms are indistinguishable and coexist in 3D space. He is preparing for such a future by creating new interactions and technologies for seamlessly weaving digital information, material, and space. Outside of MIT, Lee has co-founded eone-time pieces - a tactile watch brand for both the sighted and unsighted. He has done research at SONY Computer Science Laboratories (CSL) and Microsoft Applied Sciences Group, and received his Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Tokyo. His works have been presented at major academic conferences, exhibited at MIT Museum, and featured in various major media including CNN and WIRED. In 2013, Jinha was selected as a TED Fellow and gave a TED talk.


English, German, Japanese, Korean

TED Conference


Areas of Expertise

Human Computer Interaction