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Richland Center, WI, United States

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Hey everybody, this is my new profile so I'm still the real Kevin Jacobson, but the email I was using for my former profile was my school email account and my teacher didn't take a liking to that, so I made my own gmail account and a new TED account.



An idea worth spreading

Stop government corruption.

I'm passionate about

Cosmology, Physics, entomology, biology, and advanced space propulsion

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Anything science

People don't know I'm good at

Writing and public speaking

My TED story

A little while back I saw a conference on the science channel. Now I'm here. It's a pleasure to be apart of the TED community.

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Kevin Jacobson
Posted almost 3 years ago
I'm a little nervous about giving my atheism speech at school.
I will, of coarse, be gentle in my speech. I may be a little harsh when it comes to this topic on TED, but at school I have to be gentle about this topic since there is a lot on the line. I could anger peoples parents and really get people enraged with me. So, I really have no other option than to be gentle with my speech.