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William Galvin
Posted about 3 years ago
What can we do and what do we do about bullying?
Today, we have electronic media that can bully someone 24/7, send out a digital picture that can be devastating to an individual or just start telling lies on a social media site. Teachers and parents should make students aware that there school or organization will not tolerate bullying and define what that actually means so that everyone has a clear understanding that sending an inappropriate pictures or harassing someone on Facebook is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Setup policies and procedures to deal with the offender and protect the victim, and after 2 offenses with counseling, then the police should be called in and charges filed. Public and sincere apologies from the offender should be enforced. Making people aware of the situation and providing some comfort to the victim, I feel is important. Any type of retaliation will not be tolerated. After a few of those apologies, I believe that bullying will be reduced and students will learn that all people have rights and feelings that should be cherished and not ridiculed or demeaned in any fashion.