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Mustafa AYDIN
Posted almost 2 years ago
How will we answer nature's big questions?
The big exam is going to finish after death for all people and endless life starts. Actually the death is only vanish from the world. Because our solves are not object not matter. Only objects can vanish, not souls. For this reason the soul will go real and endless world. We are many kinds of humans. Doctors, engineers, labours, teachers etc. It means there are too much compartmentalize. Some of us successful, some of us unsuccessul. Some of us in trouble, some of us in good condition. But we are all working for our best for happiness. For World Happiness. The souls never dies. We have to understand this first. Compartmentalize in other endless world..! What are the criterions..! Let us think about this. The world life is an examination for endless world life. Is there any body there who wants to be happy in that life?