Dylan Wilks

Licensee & Creative Director, TEDxVictoria
Victoria British Columbia, Canada

About Dylan


Envision our world as it could be, and whenever possible try to take steps to make that a reality.

I was conceived in Hawaii in the fall of 1981 and born in Canada to a single mother who found love before I could walk, marrying an Englishman on Vancouver Island.

My journey to adulthood was unremarkable save for the fact that I was one of the 0.1% of non-caucasian students in public school where I grew up. I would draw and escape reality through art, film, literature, and video games - my favourites of all of these revolving around science fiction and abstract ideas.

After coasting through school doing just enough to get by, I opted out of the post-secondary experience, instead looking inward to find out what it truly is that I want in life. During battles with illness and injury through my twenties I discovered my long lost family abroad before finding my true passion: building -- specifically, creative project management.

Currently I devote much of my passion towards being the Creative Director/Licensee of TEDxVictoria, which I co-founded along with two other idea lovers in December 2010. I also work as a multimedia specialist and creative project manager, with the majority of my work being in public relations, social media, and videography. That pays the bills, but I am working on ways to align my core values and dreams with projects that can also create sustainability for me and my family.

Last year I co-founded another nonprofit organization with the mandate of empowering and enabling ideas events, in an effort to help make TEDxVictoria more sustainable while also opening the door to helping other TEDx events and projects with similar core values.

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TED Conferences

TEDActive 2015, TEDActive 2014

Areas of Expertise

Multimedia, Communications, Photography, Videography, Visual Production, Creative Planning, Social Media, Event Planning & Organizing, Creative Project Management, PR & Communications, Social Media, Writing/Blogging/Copy Editing, Problem Solving and Decision Making

I'm passionate about

Big ideas. Community. Creative projects. Being the change - but also changing the world. Storytelling - especially visual storytelling. Photography. Film. Science fiction and science.

Talk to me about

Big ideas. Changing the world. Creative projects. Stories/Storytelling. Photography. Film. Science Fiction.

People don't know I'm good at

Art. I rarely draw anything anymore.

My TED story

Ken Robinson's talk "How Schools Kill Creativity" changed my life path. Until then, I absolutely hated school and didn't feel it was worth my time - but realizing that I was not alone and that the system itself was outdated completely opened my world. I volunteered for a TED simulcast. I co-founded my local TEDx event five years ago, of which I am now both the Licensee and Creative Director. I went to TEDActive. I met hundreds of brilliant and inspiring TEDx organizers, dozens of amazing speakers, and hundreds of absolutely incredible volunteers. My life direction has completely changed, and while that is ultimately on me, TED was the catalyst that began my transformation, and for that I am forever thankful.

Favorite talks

Comments & conversations

Dylan Wilks
Posted over 1 year ago
Ed Yong: Zombie roaches and other parasite tales
I fully support the theory that parasites are the difference between "cat people" and "dog people" In all seriousness though, this was one of the most brilliantly-delivered talks of all time. I can't remember the last time I learned so much while simultaneously being disgusted/disturbed, fascinated, and while laughing so hard I nearly spat my drink out my nose. Kudos Ed Yong.
Dylan Wilks
Posted almost 3 years ago
Marc Goodman: A vision of crimes in the future
He was saying that the Terrorists had the means to find out that the man was lying, which led to his execution. They might not have murdered a school teacher. The issue is that they had the technology to become more efficient and better at terrorism.