Dom Conlon

Head First Advertising & Design
Manchester Uk, United Kingdom

About Dom


I am the director of an agency which makes really nice things. As well as advertising we are currently making Jetpack Journeys which is an educational App designed to inspire young children to build spaceships and explore the solar system. You can see more at



Areas of Expertise

Advertising (Creative) Copywriting

An idea worth spreading

We should encourage young children to grow up wanting to build new spaceships and explore Space. Beyond politics, beyond wars and beyond suffering there is a universe of knowledge waiting to be uncovered. For our future.

I'm passionate about

Generating ideas, stories and products which inspire.

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Space, apps, advertising, games, stories.

My TED story

I think stories and games can change the world. They have changed mine. Maybe I'll share that story sometime.

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Dom Conlon
Posted about 3 years ago
How do we re-embody the education system?
I'm researching how people inspire others about Space. That's because I believe we need to start early. Really early. Young children should be growing up wanting to go into space. And they should be growing up familiar with the incredible wonders of our universe. I'm creating as a way of doing this and I would love anybody here to get in touch and explore ideas with me. I'm starting with an App but I want it to be so much more. Inspiring children about Space is key.