Jim Keine

Chief Financial Officer and VP of Engineering, J Tek Systems
South Lyon, MI, United States

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Engineer, Technologist, Inventor, Business Owner.

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Electronics, Inventions and remote Instrumentation monitoring so

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I am virtually rabid about new technologies.

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Jim Keine
Posted over 4 years ago
Should TED allow demonstrations of military equipment and uniform on the TED stage?
People like to object in forums like this to see their ideas posted. We are in a democracy and this is well within your rights but you do not have a right to decide for me what I do or do not watch on Ted. If you don't like the content of a particular presentation than go to another. Protesting about the content of a particular presentation is a waste of your time that could be better spent on volunteering to help someone or some group. Complaining about this is the same as certain people, (aka pacifists), getting all bent out of shape because other people have the right to firearms. It's like the liberals and pacifists that voted for Obama. The concept of a new face in the White House may be a good idea in theory but the reality of voting in a rookie senator has created a real mess. We have run away spending, record unemployment, transparent borders and an health care system that was designed to help groups like ACORN and the people they support.and not people who work for a living. So what do you think about my posting? If you don't like it don't read it but you do not have the right to censure what TED posts on it's site. As a finishing note all of the technology we use today in our everyday lives is a spin off of a military application. Internet, computers, cell phone, GPS, our cars and flying are just a few technologies we use these days to make our lives richer. Have a nice day. :-)