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Nina Kalckar
Posted about 2 years ago
Check out MIna's impressive collaboration list on her web site.
It is important that Dr. Bissell examine all of the detailed research that has been done on the electro magnetic field surrounding the human body, (and other living creatures), as this can easily explain many of the phenomena she is describing in her fascinating video, and can further inform her research on cancer studies. While there has been so much research on the biochemistry of cancer and what goes wrong in the body from a biochemical perspective, there is little research of the human body from the perspective of the impact of the electromagnetic field and how this impacts human bio development. This phenomena is what determines why 'the foot does not become the eye' and it also is what is behind the so called 'phantom limb' phenomenon. It is very complex and interfaces with our biochemical body in many ways. Eastern medicine has been involved in this area for a very long time. Nina Marie Kalckar