Neal Hooper

Instructional designer, Family Search
Salt Lake City, UT, United States

About Neal


I am a young and aspiring entrepreneur with a background in creative learning and instructional design. I have helped create training materials and course content for employees, teachers, and student driven leadership programs. I am very passionate and driven to improve and learn, I also wish to help others do the same. Seize the day!


English, Spanish

An idea worth spreading

Happiness is a skill. Just like a muscle, the more you use and express creativity and playfulness, the stronger they get. Through 4 very simple principles you can cultivate an attitude of growth and creativity. These 4 principles are: Be 100% Present, Let Go and Play, Say "Yes-and", and Look Outward. By applying these 4 principles you are equipped to seize opportunities and act on the take advantage of all the wonderful things that surround your daily life.

I'm passionate about

Music, Principle based improv, learning, gymnastics, freerunning, efficiency, living life to it's fullest, growing, leaving my comfort zone, loving, understanding

Talk to me about

Creative learning, instructional design, living life more fully, innovation, technologies that make life easier, different views, and pretty much anything that makes you feel good

People don't know I'm good at

Playing the guitar, acrobatics (Backflip, back fully, gainer), rapping, juggling, telling stories, swimming, holding my breath, learning hands-on

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Neal Hooper
Posted over 1 year ago
The Internet: Has it made us more or less social?
It seems to me that social commerce and social media are only magnifiers that bring attributes and personality traits to the surface that the person already has. A whiny person in real life is going to be substantially more whiny and high maintenance on Facebook when they begin posting about a break up. A positive and optimistic person is going to explode your news feed with inspirational memes and quotes. I do agree that the veil of social media has seemingly dumbed down the accountability that some feel in their virtual communities, and also that there is a false sense of emotional fulfillment that comes from social networks. All in all I believe this contributes to the actual traits being a magnified and an exaggerated version of reality and what is really felt. What would you say and do if you felt little to no accountability for it?