Khurram Shahzad

Rawalpindi/islamabad, Pakistan

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Architecture Design, Writing - anything, Thinking, writing - creative, Deductive Reasoning

I'm passionate about

Architecture, plain and simple it spells out my passion. I enjoy creating things from one single line, adding layers of complexity, a functional idea or two, combining to form something out of nothing

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Architecture would be the first thing id love to talk about. The current global energy crisis and manners in which it may be resolved. Cultures and the manners in which they transform anything im open

People don't know I'm good at

im an analytic person...i like to see and scrutinize every possibility and perspective of a scenario before passing judgement on it. Like i have a debate of my own inside me before i consider anything

My TED story

well its only begun....ill write it up as it happens

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Khurram Shahzad
Posted almost 3 years ago
If one's mental illness could be cured by a single pill, would you choose to do so?
Its more complicated than a physical injury were you have got an impairment or a wound that's got u disabled. this is where your mind, your way of thinking is being influenced in a certain way by whichever illness or disorder u might be suffering from. I have a relative who has an extreme case of an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder where shes in some manner forced to do things in a certain way. Like for here it has to be that way otherwise she simple cannot accept it, and its grown on her now. Like it is what defines her. Over the years and through her experiences shes adapted to it, learn to live with it and digest the adverse effects that it has on her. additionally the wealth of medication that we get served these days dusnt really help cure it. As Janet Karasz said , it does more to saturate it resulting in as " flat personalities". So a pill to actually eliminate any certain disorder or mental illness could possible lead to to self rejection. What i mean to say is that the life you have lived up till now would be like the life of a different person. You would not know it. Yesterday you did sumthing because you just had to do it in a certain way, having taken such a pill, wouldnt you ask yourself, why am I doing this, or perhaps why have i been doing this. as a trade for the illness we might just end up with a negative look at we have done in our lives leading up to this point The people around you might not know how to handle the new you. So do we really need such a pill? Additionally, people effected by such special scenarios are more driven to make it their strength. As Rob has pointed out, there are many examples of people spread throughout history with great success stories despite their illness. I have a friend, recently graduated with a degree in fine arts. He has several illnesses and impairments, but the amount of success he has raked in, in a year and half is insane. With what little knowledge I have on this, id say youve got an edge over the rest