Adriana Ramos

Instituto Socioambiental
Brasília - Df, Brazil

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Adriana Ramos
Posted 11 months ago
Will the Belo Monte Dam project on the Amazon River cause more harm to the environment or will it be a good source of energy for Brazil?
There are many problems in the construction of this dam. Social and environmental assessments were not appropriately done. The license provided by Brazilian government did not take in to account the technical reports of the environmental agency, especially considering the quality of water of the Xingu River in the Volta Grande area. The indigenous and traditional communities living in the Volta Grande will not only have less water, but its quality will also be affected (there is also a gold mining project for the same region being discussed). Indigenous consultation guaranteed in the Convention 169 of the International Labor Organization was not implemented. It is really worrying that a project this size and importance is being implemented like that!