About InHyuk


I'm dedicating to make a fun and passionate atmosphere for heartbeat life. I organized TEDxSeoul one of the successful TEDx event in korea, and co-founded TEDxSamsung, it became a phenomenon to change culture change. in recent days, I directed TEDxItaewon conference scaled up to 1100 people. while these expeirneces I felt huge energy of people's some inner motivations and passions that we hid in my heart. that made me write a book named 'What happened to the angry monkeys', how important inner motivations and how we make it. actually it describes a journey with TEDx in my life. it becomes bestseller and its abstraction is translated in 5 language by volunteers who love the contents. I'm having time to spread ideas how to make creative companies. now I'm founder of FutureDesigners for making new concept of business, educations, cultures


English, Korean

TED Conferences

TEDActive 2014, TEDActive 2012, TEDActive 2011, TEDActive 2010

Areas of Expertise

Culture & Change, Technology / New Media, Trend Analysis / Forecasting, writing, public speaking

An idea worth spreading

drawing individual social relationships, especially inside the company, which discover how we are connected each other, and how messages spreading in the viral networks. I did 'Redballoons Project in Samsung Electronics', we located 9 balloons inside the building, near someone's sit, this balloons are in the world of samsung branches. could you find them all? actually it cannot be. but we did and found them all within 45hours. we all are very closed connected and if we want to find some solutions to solve, we can through our individuals networks. Are you interested in? please contact me ^^

I'm passionate about

TED to School, TEDxYouth, outlying, daring, next something about the future, and love, connection. interaction.

Talk to me about

TED to School Project. OTP for TEDx, how let kids/students organize TEDx event. Find 9 balloons in the world, What happened to the angry monkeys

People don't know I'm good at

one of my kid's name is 'TED'. TED Song. and I'm TED Translator, in korea, I'm the most translator over 100. that is, I really love TED and interested in spreading ideas worth spreading in my country.

Favorite talks