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Kram 1032
Posted almost 3 years ago
Is there a practical way to get large scale collaboration between the many different online learning services?
There are at least two talks that are related to this and not yet in your list. Most likely more. Daphne Koller, cofounder of Coursera and Peter Norvig, cofounder of yet another such website: Furthermore, you're currently missing out on at least with a similar goal. I'd love to see such a collaboration going on too. Similar to the collaborations that happen between a bunch of Youtubers, like, to list only a few of the massive list: - ViHart - Minute Physics - CGPGrey - Crashcourse - Veritasium (Derek Muller from Veritasium also gave a TED talk but it was for the TED talent search ) I'd absolutely love to have all of them be unified in one single place.