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How great it would be if everyone were nice to each other in the world without having to be nailed to a tree.

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Education. Fusion Energy. Programming.

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Michael Harvey
Posted almost 3 years ago
Strange questions that humans have not yet found an answer for!
it would take time, but their brain would use some neural algorithm/code of their interpurited world, wouldnt they. just as you use memories of captured images or sound persepted to construct your conclusions and inturpereted world. (i am a terrable speller~sorry~). This seems kind-of abstract, but i am just a teenager and haven't realy studied pycology.
Michael Harvey
Posted almost 3 years ago
If the universe is expanding - what is it expanding into?
it reminds me of that startreck eppisode with the traveler and they travel to the outer reaches of the universe. weird things... mabey the universe is like jello just put into a lower atmosphereic pressure. them it could then be assumed that we are surrounded by some different kind of space right?