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Ryan Lehman
Posted over 2 years ago
EarthTower One! A 20 Mile High Pyramid will be the Tallest & Largest Robot Made Object; Containing the Highest & Biggest Telescope on Earth!
wouldn't the gravity of the whole thing liquify the base into molten metal? even if it is dispersed it would be too great, wouldn't it also create a imbalance being so tall? seem like a silly idea. I am all for dreaming big, but dreaming this big is like saying humans are too small we must get crazy to be relevant, in the end we will have to demo this thing because it is falling apart, is there a bigger thing happening with this idea, such as an experiment in collective thinking, with no real intention to actually build a 20 mile high 160 mile wide pyramid, after all that is like the distance of Tijuana to Los Angeles, does that sound crazy to anyone else? or am I just thinking too small? LOL