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Ashley Strain
Posted about 2 years ago
Do humans have a "Human Nature" or are our behaviors motivated by our cultural backgrounds?
I agree with you, Clint. I too believe that human nature is one of self absorption brought on from the drive to persevere. Just look at children. Psychologists have argued for years that it is within a child's nature to be selfish, to only focus on their own wants and needs and to be without consideration of the wants and needs of others, even those they love like mom and dad. So where do some people get ther othercenteredness from? Like you, I would say it comes from "our environments, parents, teachers, communities, culture and so forth." We are taught that selfishness is a negative characteristic in schools, churches, social gatherings, etc. We are raised to be polite and considerate of others wants, needs, feelings and intentions. So, I believe this is a learned behavior, which is why there are some people who are more other-centered than others. Some humans are better other-centered learners than the rest just as some are better literary students or science students than others. But why do we feel the need to learn othercenterdness? Could it be because we need community or society in order to truly survive? Sure being self absorbed can help one survive, but that quality of life is dark and dangerous and disastrous.