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Marc-André Jutras
Posted about 2 years ago
There is auditory/visual/sensory type of learning styles.What other styles may exist? How can we better cater to these learning styles?
I would give one that I'm quite sure exist because I'm one myself; learning by logical patterns. Or if you prefer the 'it makes senses' way. I simply cannot learn random facts, they don't stick in my brain. If you gives me a set of random physical laws, I will only forget them. However, if you can thread links between them and others more basic one I know already, I learn at a tremendous speed. I need to know the links and interactions between the different parts of knowledge I try to learn. Software are just that, they have a few set of very basic rules and everything else is built on top of that. Once I knew those rules, I was able learn any software with ease. Surprisingly, I have no higher educaton degree, and yet I'm a technical director in video games industry. You might laugh, but video games engines are now complex massive beasts that can rival in complexity the design of an airplane's engine and every years they grow in complexity. So why I fit so well in that job that requires me to learn new thing at incredible speed and yet I had problem with school? A video game engine is a huge ammount of small parts that all work with each other toward a common goal, to run the game. It is a technical work of art. Even with people with many years of experience, rare are those that can say they know an engine inside out from the point of view of every worker type; artist, designer, animators, sound, programmer, writer, etc. Some would say that there's just too many information to retain for all those worker type. And yet I thrive in that simply because everything is linked in logical patterns. I may not know everything by heart, but I can deduce the answers easily because everything work the same way and follow the same rules. My brain is built upon those logical patterns. I can remember a huge amount of information because I only learn the very small part of a new idea that was missing from the other idea's patterns I already know.