Anthony Marotta

Forked River, NJ, United States

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Areas of Expertise

Film, Film - Directing, Producing, Writing, Editing, Photography

An idea worth spreading

Carpe all the Diem you can. Sit on the beach at night and let the ideas flow. The waves crashing can harmonize your thoughts in a way that is serene and beautiful.

I'm passionate about

Being an inspiring creator. Sharing abstract ideas with the common world. Bringing joy and harmony to devastating situations.


Drexel University

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Anthony Marotta
Posted over 2 years ago
If you could choose one trait a role model has and incorporate it into your self-being, what would it be?
Mikey, is it materialistic want that you are talking about? I have come to realize that what I have suits my individually. It is mine, and therefore is something to be wanted. Maybe you're looking to have it all, but perhaps take a step back and admire the things you have, the connections you have with these things, and the feelings or background stories to them.