Shanghai, China

About CHEN


I went to France to further my study after graduating from the university. My life is quite ordinary. Now I am basically living in China forever, working, reading and playing. I adore everything beautiful and worth loving. And I love peace.


Chinese, English, French

An idea worth spreading

No special idea at this moment. Maybe it's because I am still too young mentally. I guess I will travel around the world with my papa and mama or my boy friend who would like to fly away from the real life from time to time...

I'm passionate about

Translation,sketch, rockclimbing, reading and everything exciting and interesting

Talk to me about

whatever delicate and special

People don't know I'm good at

Maybe rockclimbing...

My TED story

My friend showed me a video and I find it marvelous. I hope I can learn something here. Most importantly find my way out...