Kiriakos Krastillis

Developer, KIND Studios
Kavala, Greece

About Kiriakos


A tinkerer by impulse and extremely curious person observing the world with eyes wide open I always was fascinated with technology. Getting my structural engineering degree and shortly thereafter leaving the profession for the true passion of my life that lies in software development I never perceived stepping out of the mold as a bad thing. A behavior that I also try to teach my intelligent agents.

This is quite informal and vague. For a more detailed image on who I am and what I have been occupying myself with in the past and present please visit my personal internet log @

I am very interested in Internet technology and primarily World Wide Web technology, which is also a big part of my current occupation.

I am often seen as a casual web developer, still I want to do more.
Currently I am trying to teach a herd of servers to communicate with each other in order to convey not only raw numbers to be used to act on predetermined patterns but to have them raise awareness about their peers, reason about the collective state, reconfigure under distress and even exchange markers about their confidence in the status quo.

I am currently enrolled in the coursera org/course/crypto class widening my understanding of information security's technical aspects.

I was part of the initial distributed education experiment namely the Spetember 2011 classes:
ai-class, ml-class, db-class.

I am known to be taking on various web development projects on my own, some like the beautiful (yet only in greek) duendemagazine gr But in general I try to take on objects that will require me to dive deep into the code. I want to do inter-networked things, not just another blog, there are other people that can do casual blogs much better than me.

In 2008 I made my own first web application aether3d com that was meant as a tool to help people explore architecture with its own shockwave based 3d engine. It was a miserable failure but I ended up learning a lot.

I have been tinkering and open sourcing various developments and toolsets some of which can be found on my github page


English, German, Greek

Areas of Expertise

Machine Learning, Intelligent Agents, Web developement, Data Acquision & Analysis, UX analysis and design

An idea worth spreading

As a culture we are evolving more now than we have in the past ten centuries. Yet the diversity of the things we have access to still is determined by geography. The chasm between those with-Tech and those without-Tech as well as the chasm between those who control their tech and those who consume their tech keeps getting more disturbing.

In a world where countries and multinationals have grown in complexity to such an extent that they start showing signs of meta behavior and in a world where semi sentient HFT machines daily invest more money than all the people in the world combined are we sure we are still the predominant species on the planet? Could it be we too are just bacteria playing minor roles in the life of a primordial new species?

I'm passionate about

Open source, equal opportunity tech, free speech. Things that will have a positive effect on the 1st world as much as they will have a positive effect on the 3rd world.


Coursera, TEI Serron

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People don't know I'm good at

Cooking! :-)