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R.L. Stephenson-Read, HBM, celebrates 25+ dynamic years as a performance artist gaining extensive experience in theatre, film, writing & music; locally and internationally.

Subsequent to attaining an Honours BMUS at McMaster University, R.L. studied Engineering & Production at Harris Institute for the Arts, and recently graduated with First Class Honours from the Royal Conservatory of Music with a Lead Artist Arts Educator Certification. In NYC, she attended National Improvisation Theatre School, and studied privately with Thomas Parisi, AAMDA, and Broadway director, Michael Shurtleff, CDC.

R.L. has coached vocal music, taught drama, the business of the entertainment business, and writing for youth. She has adjudicated many cross-genre talent and writing contests nationally, provincially and locally.

In recent times, she has been a personal mentor, and a career counsellor for 'at risk' inner-city youth in London, UK at DreamArts, a community-based, government initiative which is endorsed by Prince Charles and the London Arts Council. She is also registered with the Ontario Registry of Educators/Entrepreneurs and has taught music psychology for the business faculty at Bucks University, London, UK, and has conducted life talks as far as, Delhi, India at SOIL Institute for Leaders, and as near as, Carr Mills Public School, Thornhill. Over the past three years, she has participated as a coach, mentor and cast-mate for Shakespeare Street Theatre, Cobourg. She's even been a “human book" for the Cobourg Public Library during Ontario Culture Days.

R.L. has participated with many bands towards various recording deals. Currently, she is front-man for the Toronto-based rock-blues band, Uncivilized Diplomats and lead vox for Northumberland-based bands, Distant Star and Rock Lake. Fun is: playing tenor timpani with the Cobourg Legion Pipe & Drum Corps.

Other roles include Stunt Performer, Precision Driver, Large Venue Stage Personality/National Anthemist. Backstage hats include: Casting Director, Choreographer, Stand-in, Fundraiser, Entertainment Chair, Stage Manager for large venue events, and ASM for theatre.

Offices/Professional Affiliations:
Past National Awards Chair, Canadian Authors Association
Past President, CAA, Peterborough
ACTRA Safety Co-chair, Former ACTRA Counsellor (2 consecutive 2 year terms)
EAC, ACTRA & CAEA; credits with Union Des Artistes.

Her haven, Aye Lighthouse B&B, was created in part to raise R&D funding for hearing/sight deficit children. She has had the privilege of leading a double life; peace and comfort with her Hubby and Rusty-cat on their hobby farm in the country, and a wild, adventurous, global ride in the entertainment business.

I'm passionate about

Music, visual art, theatre, film, dance, art education, mentoring young artists, entrepreneurial efforts, music psychology, LITERACY, nature & animals, taking risks, team-work, exploring the planet!

People don't know I'm good at

Independent Research Vocal mimicry toward characters/various singing styles. Connecting people and helping others in the early stages of their business lives.

Favorite talks

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R.L. Stephenson-Read
Posted 8 months ago
Derek Paravicini and Adam Ockelford: In the key of genius
Derek was an absolute joy to sing with during my time at Roehampton from Sept. 2012 to May 2013. He (and Dr. Adam) have inspired me beyond understanding, as a (very) mature musician with a lot of miles on the wheels, who returned late in life to do a masters. The old "where there's a will" adage is strongly underscored by a spirit such as Derek, and a patient mentor such as Dr. Adam. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity and privilege to meet and work with them.
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R.L. Stephenson-Read
Posted about 1 year ago
Sue using flippers on her arms to stabilize and propel faster, more steadily?
Hi George, Not sure what there is "not to get"....Simple notion. Sue would employ flippers on her arms, akin to what anyone would wear on their feet in scuba/snorkelling to move her chair differently/faster. She was able to use the foot pedals (transparent) to do this to a degree, but her arms were completely free. She might have enjoyed even more manouvres with this addition. No? Slainte, rl