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Seattle, WA, United States

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I am nothing more than a dreamer. I see potential in everything and until recently, I've put all that energy into music (guitar and singing), art (graphic and pencil), and auto mechanics. I do see these fields can be connected for creating great pieces of work and feats in their own right, but the core values of each seem to be distant from the original cause of my interest. None of them can be honest, genuine or vintage anymore.
As much as I would like to dream a difference into existence, by bootstrapping a place of my own business. I have had realize education is the only fuel for my fire in seeing the change I really want be a part of. In the fields I have mentioned above, I never had any interest in the people I was effecting. But when I think of environmental science, shifting of energy source, a biodegradable engineered future. It feels art music and mechanics were pre requisite needs for me to find that change for the people of the world far away interesting enough to drive me to college, hopefully making my own big helpful change to the world. I cant settle for less really.



An idea worth spreading

Resin infused burlap. Using the process of carbon fibre and fibre glass infusion, but replacing those cloths that are one use to a biodegradable setup. If used with some biodegradable epoxy resin than you can create a car body and then when you crash it, use the vitamin enriched fibres to fertalize your garden.

I'm passionate about

Helping other people with no guaranteed return.

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William Fogg
Posted about 3 years ago
Have Documentaries or Narrative Films had a bigger impact on you?
In school I read manuals and repair books on machines for my reading pages haha. I am not a fan of fiction so my entire diet has been documentaries for some time. Though I will say they can be a bit deceiving so make sure to do your own follow up on information haha. Ive been fooled before! None the less they are a huge part of me not completely giving up on the world around me, and inspiring me to go to college. They held my mind interested long enough to not allow me to get so sucked up into life, jobs and money. Remembering that this place I live happens once, and to treat it like so.