About Alastair


Alastair Parvin is an architectural and strategic designer working with innovative London design firm 00 ('zero zero'). Although he trained in architecture, his work looks beyond the conventional framework for architecture, looking at the economic, social, political and technological operating systems behind it.

He is co-founder of WikiHouse, an open source construction set, whose aim is to use digital manufacturing to make it possible for anyone to cheaply design, download, 'print' and assemble structures without the need for conventional construction skills and tools. The project is now being developed by a small community around the world, including a project in the favelas of Rio, which was awarded a TED City 2.0 prize in 2012. The WikiHouse project pursues the idea of a 21st century urban development model, where citizen and user-led production can shape sustainable cities. He has written for numberous journals and publications around the world, and co-edits 'Makeshift', an open fanzine about Architecture, Society, Economics, Technology and Design



TED Conferences

TED2013, TEDGlobal 2012