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Troy, MI, United States

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Abolishing hunger/poverty, increasing education, spreading love instead of hate.

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Non profit organizations, how to end poverty and how to spread the infectious disease of love.

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Rebecca Atkinson
Posted 9 months ago
Is money the only way to reach happiness, satisfaction, or sense of completion?
Pure happiness and satisfaction must come from within you. Personally, I used to think satisfaction came from climbing the corporate ladder and having power over colleagues and employees. Unfortunately, we live in a world (and American society has multiplied this culture 10 fold) where bigger is better and a certain status speaks of your character. I think it's too easy to get sucked into that way of thinking. Truth is, if you have happiness in yourself, satisfaction with your own life, and can give and receive love from your companion, that's all you need. Of course, we need money, the resource that holds no real meaning other than a tool to barter with and provides shelter and food.