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Harrisville, PA, United States

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Christopher Bean
Posted about 1 year ago
What can governments do to end poverty in their countries? Is a solution possible under capitalism?
The sad part is that the only thing that is going to work is a great BIG problem the effects all humans the same a global problem that we will have to come together to be able to defeat or complete as a race. We fight like we have all the time in the world and we do not prepare for tomorrow. On of these days the human race is going to be devastated in some way and we have not prepared ourselves for any threat. What is our governments doing now to protect people in a crises Nothing. We are fight about stupid petty issues and when the day comes we as humans have to come-together and solve the problems that come our way. We can't even solve the most basic problems like starving Kids in our own country's... how are we to solve bigger problems when they arise. I can see where capitalism would work and i see how it doesn't work. People getting the same start up goods like housing and food taking care of up front and not have to worry about it sounds nice but the way our economy works now Big business controls the fate of the world. Free exchange of information also sounds good but then people would all be at the same level.... OMG Donald Trump would no longer be better then me... I am just saying capitalism sounds good and all but it would take to long and to much money to switch our world around as it is now. If we can not fix the small issues now what makes us think that we can fix the world.