Raymond Boucher

Franklin Pierce University
Foster, RI, United States

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I'm passionate about

saving humanity from itself, making the world a better place so that all may live harmoniously, studying the natural world, canoeing, camping, hiking, friends

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consciousness, universe, God, infinity, state of the world, Gaia theory

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wetland ecology, conservation biology; yet to experience the working world in a serious role, eager to learn

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Raymond Boucher
Posted almost 2 years ago
Schrödinger's Cat: Quantum Superposition and Collapse of the Wave Function
I like to follow this sort of thing, and while i don't pretend to understand the mathematics, it seems obvious that our brain, being an observer, is responsible for the collapse of the wave function upon receiving the information. However, our brain has tremendous creative energy as well, and is able to act strongly upon the result of the wave function collapse, determining what that collapse results in. All observable matter and energy is part of one universe thus making each of us literally a piece of the universal consciousness (God). Is observation then the cause of the apparently linear flow of time? I hope this isn't just bullshit and offers some food for thought