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Advertising and Market Research Executive with twelve years of qualitative, quantitative and syndicated research experience. An industry pioneer and thought leader in the area of online advertising effectiveness and consumer insights related to media and technology usage. For the past two years i have been writing as Author running my own media and market research consulting firm. I had worked for USA, Canada, England, Germany and Australian Clients so far and looking for more challenges in near future...

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kevin anchi
Posted over 1 year ago
What's the difference between intelligence and imagination, and which is more useful in alleviating the human condition?
I appreciate your logic of Intelligence + Emotion= Imagination, but what i meant was that every being has some level of IQ which was helpful for survival during evolution. But imagination is something only human can have as per complex emotional IQ. Other life forms might be able to imagine that to May Be, as we don't have technology or evidence to prove that.....