Mauricio Bejarano

Chief Strategy Officer, BRAINZ Games (ZIO Studios)
Bogota, Colombia

About Mauricio


English, Spanish

TED Conference

TEDActive 2013

Areas of Expertise

Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Startup Strategy/Execution, Strategic Communications Public Relations, Public Policy, Entertainment and Media, Games Industry, Animation Production & Management, Government & Advocacy

An idea worth spreading

Albert Einstein said: “imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited ... imagination encircles the world”. When I look at Latin America, I see great promise and an almost limitless potential threatened by industrial-age thinking and a stunning deficit in its culture of innovation. For this reason, I believe that only by changing the way we think, only by changing the way we see each other and the way the world sees us, only by getting inspired in new creative ways, will be able to effect the change we want. Although there are many ways to define it or interpret it, for me imagination is the capacity that human beings have to evoke the impossible and make it happen. I believe that imagination is mankind’s most powerful transformative force. Therefore, it is only by unleashing our people’s imagination that Latin America will fulfill its promise on the global stage.

I'm passionate about

Challenging the status quo, disrupting conventional thinking, fusing disparate ideas in unexpected ways, and unleashing the imagination to create new realities

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Powerful narratives that transform society. Inspirational people in Latin America that are daring to dream and create the change we need. Science, technology, innovation, and creative industries.

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