Stephanie Sandifer

Educational Technology Coach & Edublogger, Houston A+ Challenge
Houston, TX, United States

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Education , Technology - Education, Art and Design

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The future of education that nurtures personal, life-long learning in every individual, emerging technologies, PLNs, connectivity and community building, creativity and curiosity

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Whole-child learning, technology in education, innovation in education, creativity

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Stephanie Sandifer
Posted over 2 years ago
Urban society has it's gifts. Being around people all the time - What have we lost?
I live in an urban area, but grew up in rural Louisiana and I am constantly reflecting on how my life now is so different from what it was in a smaller, rural community. For me personally there is a lost sense of connection to nature and the land (growing/gathering one's own food) and a lost sense of deep-rooted trusting & supportive community. While it's not impossible to maintain these things in urban society, it is much more difficult. I miss those connections... and I also miss the "silence" (not only in terms of actual sound, but also in terms of pace, space, place...) that allows for deeper reflection on life, community, etc.