Steve Goetz

Clarion, PA, United States

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Political Scientist BA Clarion University PA

An idea worth spreading

Revival of small business in America

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History, Politics, Science, Math, Art, Business, Computers

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History, Politics, Science, Math, Art, Business, Computers

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Fishing, BMX, stand up comedy, drawing comics, cartoon trivia, sex, and music.

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Born in Denver CO, moved to PA, went to Clarion University for a BA in Poli Sci, want to get my phd.

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Steve Goetz
Posted about 3 years ago
Does life really get better?
I think that as long as you try to do better for yourself first (education and a career), your life will get better along with you. But, no matter how hard you try, life always throws a few curve balls here and there. It happens to everybody. Thankfully they are pretty rare, and in the meantime we can accomplish many good things for ourselves without interruption. When bad luck strikes, all one can do is try and get back up after it hits you and keep moving forward as best you can. Even after some bad days, life does really get better as long as you never give up and always work hard.