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Suyash Dixit
Posted over 2 years ago
Are small local energy grids the future of energy?
I truly believe that rather having a centralized system of producing and distributing energy is full of flaws, future will be full of local production and consumption of energy. Lots of companies and organizations are working over this. Just a couple of days ago I saw Honda Motors working on such a project and that seems to be pretty interesting, and that gave me an idea that when system is centralized the problem associated with it also more. 1 small fault in system can leads to great damage over the entire city (usually happens in rural India, people suffer from shortage of electricity). Thus rather than having a mass production and centralized system each house/entity should produce its on energy and should be connected with atleast 5 entities nearby. So that they can share the energy. Earlier because of lack of science it was hard to produce energy and their were less methods to do so. But as the world comes in modern era lots of alternative energy sources are being discovered. Hence rather than making mass production of energy (it even cost much) 5 -10 house are put into a group they produce energy of themselves and also share energy among that group.
Suyash Dixit
Posted about 3 years ago
Why is India so poor in development and technology than any other Foreign Country ?
Well this is one of the most challenging question that India is facing right now. India have top brains from various institutions like IITs, IIMs,etc still do not know how to use them. Development is only possible if individuals think that they can develop. Here people focus more on how to put others down rather on how to grow. Here brains do not get right career so they move abroad. To stop we need to build careers and to do we need to have opportunities, which is only possible if we eliminate corruption!