Paul Knowles

Founder & CEO, International Music Community (IMC)
Northwood, United Kingdom

About Paul


International Music Community (IMC)

The IMC is an innovative talent-filtering platform that enables artists to connect and establish meaningful relationships with music industry professionals. It’s also a tool for the industry to connect with other likeminded and relevant professionals. The platform uses a digital ranking system for all end users thereby protecting the key players from mass exposure whilst budding talent can hone their skills, mindful that the industry movers and shakers are able to connect at their discretion.

Jenral Group

Registered in 2005 to represent artists and put on music industry showcases, the group has since expanded and now houses Jenral Events, Flatline Worldwide and Alchemy Mastering.

Jenral Events is an artist and event management company that currently represents Raghu Dixit, last year’s highest selling recording artist in India. The company also puts on bespoke showcase events for international artists venturing into the United Kingdom for the first time.

Flatline Worldwide is a company that has invented a mobile extreme stage jump enabling snowboarders and freestyle skiers to jump over a live outdoor festival stage using a winch, real snow and kicker ramps and without the use of either mountains or artificial slopes. The trademarked brandname is “Flatline”. Nobody in the history of mankind has ever pulled off the stunt.

As a key investor and with a number of quality artists and music executives already in the Jenral database, Alchemy Mastering is also now under the Jenral Group umbrella. Alchemy is a prestigious London post-production facility with a wealth of experience in audio post-production covering the field of Voice Recording, Duplication and Mastering. Past clients include REM, Paul Weller, Led Zeppelin and Snow Patrol.



Areas of Expertise

Music Management, IT - Algorithms and data structures

I'm passionate about

Music and innovation