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Bart Pinnock
Posted almost 2 years ago
Can I help you find a TEDTalk you remember watching?
Hello there! Quite some time I watched a TEDtalk about a certain project in America or England. It was about a contest for the most innovative idea. The deal was that certain groups of engineers had to participate together to win this contest. Eventually I think a group with some kind of helicopter network won the competition. They created a quadrotor to transport goods in Africa (and eventually the whole world). The goal behind this was to be able to bring good to the less infrastructured towns in the African continent. The video is from quite some time ago and my description is only so-so, but I really hope you can help me out! Thanks in advance :) I really love that you do this by the way. it's a great initiative! Thank you for doing it and keep it going!! Kind regards, Bart