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Near death experiences, birth, and REM Sleep... All release the most profound and powerful psychedelic known to date, Dimethyltryptamine. Many plants in nature also produce this neurotransmitter.

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A better tomorrow. A world where psychedelics aren't chastised. A modern day utopia. Illumination and Wisdom worldwide. Truth. Exposure.

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Anything really.

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Reasoning and Understanding

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Jimmie Phillips
Posted about 3 years ago
TED should definitely have people speak about psychedelics
I understand exactly where you are coming from. I, too, ponder why we haven't explored the full potential of the psychedelic mind state. I always dabble in the thoughts of "Autism, Schizo, Bi-Polar, Addictions, Personal Growth, Creativity, Depression, Cancer...." I believe the "Higher-Ups" already know the benefits as well as use them for that reason... I'm not saying we have countries tripping face all the time.... but I do believe that DMT and LSD we're/are very important to some of those people... and keeping the public in the dark about it is clearly a ploy to keep the "consciousness power" to those... I don't believe in pure recreational fun use... but in the right mind set, mind setting, physical setting and surroundings, it can have trans-formative effects.