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Brisbane, Australia

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Sarah Salvini
Posted almost 2 years ago
What is the reason behind suicides? Why do they lose the courage to struggle?
As you said above, it's the loss of that fundamental reason to live. Something has happened to make someone become so depressed that they feel that they can not get out of it; that there is nothing in front of them to live for, that it would be easier to just go. A lot of the time, someone has made a remark- saying that they should, that it would be easier, that the world would be better, etc. Something like every forty seconds someone commits suicide; that is an extremely large number of people who can't see how beautiful they are. It's hard to find a reason to live sometimes; and what about that big question- what is the meaning of life? Sometimes people can't answer that question at all, and they look around and feel that nobody loves them, that they have nothing to live for, and that it would be easier to end it. I personally struggle through the day due to depression, and at times I have seen the appeal; but I have a family who support me. The thing is, many people don't. They lose hope, and feel no love. To take your own life means that you have to be in the darkest place possible, and sometimes all you need is for someone to stop you. But that is the problem, in today's society we find that most people never take the time to notice other people and their paines; and that can leave the suicidal person without someone who can pick them up; it leaves them feeling without love- and that is the main reason we live. Hope that helps :)