Fa Lu Liao

Panel Reader, Zharmae Publishing Inc
Oakland, CA, United States

About Fa Lu


I was born in Suriname, South America as a first generation Surinamese- Chinese citizen to Chinese immigrants from China. With the encouragement from my parents I have migrated and complete my bachelor studies here in California in 5 years. I am fluent in English, Dutch, Cantonese, Manderin Chinese and have elementary knowledge of the languages French and Spanish.


Cantonese, Chinese, Dutch

Areas of Expertise

SocioCultural Anthropology, Dutch language, International Relations

An idea worth spreading

Education and self help is key to lifting up people from dire environmental issues affecting poverty rates. The enviromental affects of self- determination whether it be success or failure lies is what the surrounding environment eludes can happen or will never happen.

I'm passionate about

Development projects concerning education, health related issues, women issues and reversing environmental degredation. I like the act of translating a lot as I am able to negotiate language use.

Talk to me about

translation, world betterment and conflict resolution.

People don't know I'm good at

cooking, housekeeping, thrifting and caretaking.

My TED story

My passion is translation and I thought about it existence of other langauges in the world while all TEDtalks are in English. I am able to understand the talks well enough, but what about people whose native language is not English. So I began this endeavor to practice my translation skills at TED. My dream is to be a conference translator in the future and I am working hard at honing my skills to become one