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Sãƒâ£O Paulo, Brazil

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Health, Aging, Geriatric Health Care, Gerontological Health Promotion

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the world is aging in Europe and Japan first countries to become rich and then aged in the case of south america that has become reversed. are aging three times faster than Europe and the countries are still growing, this discussion needs to get out of the congresses of geriatrics, and out of thematic clinical pathology, we have to think about the longevity of a complete, entering urban mobility, health, sports, financial impacts, social impacts. bring together people who want to debate the issue. gather restless minds.

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technology - internet-music - people - aging - longevity - Geriatrics - Gerontology - health - social engagement - local projects

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willians fiori
Posted about 3 years ago
A network of TEDsters spreding TED across the web for maximum impact.
I think a great idea, I work actively in studies on aging, longevity and impact that they bring to emerging countries like Brazil, where I live. I believe that any subject can not only use the current tools of TED, but making integration with social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter. sorry for my bad English, my native language is Portuguese willians fiori -