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Jonathan Chan
Posted about 3 years ago
Should shark fishing be banned?
I agree, to an extent. The main issue I believe here is the large quantity of sharks being "finned" and thrown back into the sea. The chinese have a proverb and tradition that we generally eat anything that has it's back facing the sky. Simply meaning that we should try to use every bit of what we catch and try not to waste. Ironically, their most prized dish is also the one that waste's the most. If license' were granted it would regulate shark finning much better. However, it is a dream that has been long lost as this industry is now in control by those that are just in it for the money. Regardless, it's the majority of sharks and the humane aspect of shark finning that causes much controversy. Education can only do so much. It will be hard to rewrite generations of culture. Many purchase it simply for the "Status" that follows. Jon