Jeanette Gary

Greenwood, SC, United States

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Jeanette Gary
Posted over 2 years ago
How did you find you life's work and passion after age 40? Is it possible?
Woody, I found that the job I had done for 20+ years was actually the motivation for my life's work. I worked in several medical practices progressing from a file clerk, insurance manager, and eventually the administrator over 2 practices. I constantly witnessed patients that were uninsured, underinsured and even overinsured. When I left that career, I obtained my insurance license, then 5 years later opened my own agency at age 45. I have 20 agents that work with my agency; we only work with the highest caliber agents that put the clients first and provide impecable service. We have a senior division that deals solely with Medicare Recipients because that market has become so complicated and they need to be taken care of properly. It is so rewarding to see how happy we make people when they realize that they can afford all of their medications every month with our plans, or afford to enjoy life again. Most people said I was crazy opening an insurance agency at that time considering the economy and the volatility of Healthcare Reform and we are certainly not getting rich, or for that matter even making enough to pay the bills, but it is gratifying and I know I am doing what I was meant to do. Look at the parts of your job that you do enjoy and see if there is something there that you could find rewarding. Many people confuse their life's work with their hobby and that is why they aren't successful. Good luck finding your passion!!