Jiaxing Sun

Student - A.B. in Economics, Jilin University
Changchun,jilin, China

About Jiaxing


Chinese, English

Areas of Expertise

logistics management, Accounting and Finance, Securities

An idea worth spreading

In my opinion,I think we must define the curator based on 3C : creator, communication, cooperator.

I'm passionate about

I’m a junior student from Jilin University. And I major in logistics management. I 'm good at English, I like sport too.


Jilin Universty

Talk to me about

I always spend my time in the public use and volunteer. I had volunteered for the China Third Animation and Video Game in Shenyang. Moreover, I had worked as the volunteer for the Youth Hotel.

People don't know I'm good at

I like sports and I’m quite good at it for I have gained the first prize in the 110 meters hurdles in our school.

My TED story

I have worked as one of the members in the TEDxTangjiabay and TEDxSYSUZH In Zhuhai,China. In addition, I have also taken part in a number of TEDx events, like TEDxUIC and TEDxGDUFS. As a result, I have a clear knowledge and great confidence about how a TEDx event be held. We have great reasons to believe that TEDx will be a fantastic platform for different people to communicate.

Favorite talks