Despina Yeargin

Friendly Consultant & Storyteller, Alpha Publishing & Communications
Greenwood, SC, United States

About Despina


I was born in Greece, lived in Australia for 13 years and settled in South Carolina (U.S.) in my 21st year.

I worked in the office of the Australian Prime Minister at 19, used up my Greek restaurant genes in my one year gig as chef-owner of Despina's International Cafe & Salon Gallery, I worked my way up the non-profit ladder to the position of Director of The Museum-Greenwood and I've used my ability to simplify and organize to run the office of a national leadership training organization, Positive Management Leadership, Inc.

I live in the small town of Greenwood, about one hour south of Greenville, South Carolina. I have served as president of the board of Greenwood's Uptown shopping district, as secretary of the South Carolina Arts Alliance and as a founding member of the team that developed the SC National Heritage Corridor, a 240 mile trail of discovery of arts, crafts and historic sites throughout the state of South Carolina.

I have tried (twice) to build a career managing artists, but finally learned that this is an oxymoron and that (when it happens) it's a very rare thing, indeed! In 2007, I switched gears to focus on writing short stories and poetry. I support my writing with social media marketing and coaching for individuals and the heroes of small business.

Since November of 2010, I've served on the Program Team for TEDxGreenville, the first TEDx in South Carolina. I was the Curator for TEDxGreenville 2013: By Design and currently I serve my TEDxGreenville community as a member of the Strategic Team and as a Planning Team advisor.


English, Greek

Areas of Expertise

Project Management, Meeting Planning/Meeting Management, writing - creative, social media marketing (a.k.a. story-telling), Food Preparation & Recipe Development

An idea worth spreading

"I never let schooling get in the way of my education"--Mark Twain. Be kind. The ROI is huge.--me.

I'm passionate about

People, music, food, cooking, community, the arts, living with ease and giving my brain a serious workout. Oh, and ironing--it's like meditation, and when you're through, there's your work.

Talk to me about

Music festivals.

People don't know I'm good at

Singing and baking bread.

My TED story

In 2010, at the first TEDxGreenville, I fell in love and awe with TED. I have worked on the Program Team and Planning Team for TEDxGreenville since November of 2010. Now, the potential of what TED and the TEDx community can offer the world has become almost an obsession for me. It's about the ideas making love to people's brains and going into the world for the good of humankind. Yes, that's it!

Favorite talks

Comments & conversations

Despina Yeargin
Posted over 1 year ago
John Hockenberry: We are all designers
John, we loved your talk SO much in Greenville, SC, that we used it to explain our TEDxGreenville 2013 theme, ByDesign. We also played this talk in the first segment of our all-day event. Thank you for sharing your story. It's made Design so much easier to understand. Also, love listening to The Takeaway on my SC Public Radio station. Actually, I look forward to it!
Despina Yeargin
Posted almost 3 years ago
John Hockenberry: We are all designers
This talk is one of my favorite AHAs. Design is elusive in the minds of most people. This talk helps us to shift from the abstract word and into the hugely accessible idea that design is about intent. Now THIS IS AN IDEA WORTH SPREADING.
Despina Yeargin
Posted about 3 years ago
John Hunter: Teaching with the World Peace Game
Powerful! I was watching the documentary about John Hunter and The World Peace Games on SC ETV, thinking, "There's got to be a TED talk. There's GOT to be a TED talk." Touching, moving, inspirational. Thank you, Mr. Hunter. Thank you, all the teachers who invested in Mr. Hunter as a child. Thank you, TED, for this offering.
Despina Yeargin
Posted about 3 years ago
Children's schools should have an "Imagination" period
All good points here. The idea, I think, is to VALUE imagination/creative thinking in our educational systems. Bravo to that! Incorporating this type of thinking in the workplace is invaluable, so let's not limit it to school. Yes! It's a natural thing for us to do. We are, however, taught to be cautious and serious and practical. These adult learned behaviours kill creativity and imagination. Boo!