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Nottingham, United Kingdom

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Elsdon Ward
Posted over 2 years ago
What does cave art mean to you?
12000 years ago our paleolithic ancestors were emerging from an ice age. Caves must have been No1 on the agenda. If you strayed too far you probably did not come back. Time must have been their most precious commodity All of each day spent in finding and eating food and equipping, clothing and defending themselves. They must have been thinking on their feet all of every hour. These images we are discussing were not art. They were not paintings and they were not for admirers or to show off. They were fundamental celebrations of survival - footprints in the sand. and probably done from father to son - kind of strategy lessons, part of their growing up - What does a mammoth look like and how do you hunt it? draw your enemy and draw your food each night another trial tomorrow. They made it OK because we are still here. But now we have time to wrap up our expression and ask ourselves ''Is it Art?''