Dele-Ajayi Opeyemi

CEO, Impact Systems
Ado, Nigeria

About Dele-Ajayi


Opeyemi is an Impact Maker and a strong believer in living purposefully.

Opeyemi is an entrepreneur, and he currently manages IMPACT SYSTEMS Nigeria, an indigenous Software Solutions and Training Company headquartered in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.

He takes up challenging but productive projects that aim to solve societal problems and increase the diffusion of knowledge.

Some of the projects are JOINTOUCH Nigeria and Tech4Akure among others.



Areas of Expertise

Business Intelligence & Strategic Planning, Management Information Systems, network management

An idea worth spreading

If a first drop of rain can end a drought Or a mere snow flake can begin an ice age When mountains are created from a
single grain of dirt
Why does a single individual think they can't make a difference?....Time to rethink...TedxAdo...'the power of one'

I'm passionate about

Mobile Technology
Surfing the web

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Mobile Application
Network Security