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Materials Science and Engineering

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Idea sharing~Cycling~~Meeting people, communicating with people~~

My TED story

I was inspired by the TED a lot. Now I set up a TED study group in my univeristy which has attracted a lot of students to join us, We share the TEDs that we watched and disscussion on a hot issue happened around the world. There are even foreign students join in. My goal is to set up a TED conference in my university months later. I will work on that!

Comments & conversations

Mengjia MA
Posted 11 months ago
Dale Dougherty: We are makers
Anderson in his book said that makers lead to the new industry resolution. In China, maker is still a new concept, but with these years' development, more and more people joined this group. In Shanghai, there came the first hackerspace Xinchejian, then the maker revolution has hit the whole China. Hacker space is set up then in Beijing, Wuhan, Nanjing, etc. Makers are the people who not only have a lot of ideas, but would like to take efforts to make them out. Maker is not just a concept, but more of a kind of spirit. I am sure that makers will be a group that will make a big difference to the world. One of my dreams is that I could set up such a hacker space in my home university. In China, students need more chance to make, not just to learn from the books. And I believe that maker spirit will make a sense to change the way of education. We need more of students that can make not just work. I like the speaker using the word-- Play, in the maker's world, they make not for money, but to play, for their dream!
Mengjia MA
Posted over 1 year ago
Thulasiraj Ravilla: How low-cost eye care can be world-class
Really a good business model that is worth to learn. In China, the medical resources are so limited and uneven to distribute that if a patient goes to a hospital for a small kind of disease, several hours have to wait but only several minutes to be watched by the doctor. Maybe the hospitals should learn this model to improve the efficiency and effectiveness.