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Consider that our society hasn’t worked out as well as we had hoped in spite of our hard work and accomplishments. Worse we seem locked into a method that appears to be not the best nor wisest road for us. In a worst case scenario the smartest businessman; the most skillful builder or architect would scrap a project with so many deficiencies and start over. Those options would render our circumstances bleak and discouraging if not terminal.
“The sun will come out tomorrow …” however. Consider also that of the 7 billion people on our planet 6 1/2 billion profess to a religion or philosophy or better - ethics. Ethics is the thread that weaves its way through all religion and philosophy making them common to us and each other. That said it could only be an ethical strategy or mandate that possesses the elements essential to ignite society’s true potential. It is an option worth considering in a world bewildered, confused and wanting for solutions.

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Leslie Lox
Posted about 3 years ago
Don Tapscott: Four principles for the open world
It’s beautiful cutting edge insight. Might an ethical backdrop fit into this picture specifically as the connector with transparency being the vehicle? A wider more usable theme of ethics is what we discuss on www.rdwins.com Les