Susan Price

Interactive Agency Owner, AIR San Antonio
San Antonio, TX, United States

About Susan


I have made a career of riding technology waves, including cold type (typesetting with computers), the personal computer, desktop publishing, internet, web, email, cloud, mobile and social media.

I help organizations select and adopt new technologies to connect with their customers, prospects, employees, stakeholders, champions and communities. Firecat Studio sets them up with web sites, mobile sites and apps, email platforms, twitter, facebook, linkedin, myspace, youtube, blogs - to make authentic connections.

I support and work to empower people to use the technology to communicate: nonprofits that bridge the digital divide, web accessibility, coworking and idea sharing.



Areas of Expertise

Content Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Social media for social good, marketing, communications, writing

An idea worth spreading

I would like to help develop a "Human API" -- a set of specifications that communications technology and other interfaces and systems can follow and support to make it easier for individuals to control access to their own bodies and minds, and have appropriate control and awareness of the data that most closely concern us.

i believe we are adapting to use "Attention Deficit" behaviors in order to cope with the relentless flood of incoming stimuli. Technology architects and designers can and should give users more control over the messages coming at them.

I'm passionate about

Coworking, collaboration, innovation, and using technology to facilitate authentic connections and communication. We're co-creating a brave new online world, and I'm engaged in making it awesome.

Talk to me about

Strategic use of online technologies to make authentic connections. Blogs, wikis, eNewsletters, websites, chat, eMails, webinars - when to use which, why, and how to keep content fresh and compelling.

People don't know I'm good at

Seeing situations from multiple perspectives, such as seeing problems from all sides in order to make sense of a situation. Sequencing tasks for maximum desired effect. Paddleball. Guitar Hero.

My TED story

As a bootstrapped Internet agency owner, I applied to attend TED in 2004, and was accepted - but my business partner at the time felt we couldn't spare the money or my time to attend. I started a coworking program in our city to share TED's videos and other good ideas. When TED announced the TEDx program in 2009, I and some colleagues jumped on the opportunity. We curate a mix of global and local conversations, breaking down silos across industries in San Antonio and shining a light on the innovation and creativity happening here. A great benefit of organizing a TEDx event is the opportunity to meet like-minded people worldwide who love ideas and love to spread them.

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Comments & conversations

Susan Price
Posted over 4 years ago
We need a political party devoted to maximizing the value of people's TIME.
I agree that we need to fundamentally change the benchmark for valuing people and institutions. Time is a good one. I think time is particularly valuable to TEDsters because most of us have enough money and basic needs met. Time by itself wouldn't do it; people also need freedom to pursue happiness, the ability to choose what we do with our time. Again, in our society, money tends to solve that problem to a large extent. But I believe we're at risk of losing some of the freedoms we now enjoy. The benchmark or bottom line I hunger for is responsibility - maximizing choice while helping ensure that people are responsible for their actions. I celebrate the increased access to information and transparency that internet technology has produced, and worry about attempts to tamp down, limit, or thwart it.